Family Plans

Gary North

If you have concrete plans, you will find it easier to reduce your debt. Make these plans concrete.

This will take you at least an hour if you do it correctly. Think through all aspects of your present tasks.

First, write down where you are today. How many children. Where they are in their development. Problem areas. Success areas.

When you have written a numbered list of successes and failures, you will be in a position to add to your successes and decreasing your failures. Be specific. What will you attain in five years that you have not attained yet? What new responsibilities can you take on?

Your goal is to increase your level of responsibility. How much can you take on?

When you have written down a detailed multi-part description of your family in five years, you are ready to outline the steps you must take to reach these goals.

Focus on time. Where will you get it? The allocation of time is crucial. This should be part of your short-term plans. But the overall estimation of time required must come here: planning for medium-term action.

How large a house will you need? What neighborhood?

What about your children’s education? Public schools? Christian schools? Home schooling? With home schooling, it is time vs. money, as usual. (The cheapest curriculum in terms of both time and money is here:

The steps list should probably be annual. At the end of each year, what is plausible? Be specific.

Review your mid-term plans annually — quarterly if you do not set up annual goals.


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