Personal Testimonies

Gary North

It is possible to get out of the debt trap. It takes self-discipline. It takes future-orientation. It take a realization that debt really is a trap.

Occasionally, it takes a bankruptcy, but not often. There are ways of avoiding bankruptcy in most cases.

These personal testimonies offer hope. They also offer specific strategies that may help you in your program to live debt-free.

From Envelope System to Debit Cards and Back
Here is a success story. . . . keep reading
We Began by Getting Rid of Stuff
A site member at describes his family’s strategy. . . . keep reading
The 10 Key Actions That Finally Got Me Out of Debt; or, Why Living Frugally Is Only Part of the Solution
Leo Babauta
This man is now debt-free. . . . keep reading
Start With the Tithe
The Howards
Paying God first is important, as this couple found out, though not at the very beginning. . . . keep reading
A Seven-Step Solution to $75,000 of Debt and $2,000 a Month Child-Supprt Payments
He could have declared bankruptcy. He didn’t. Instead, he cut costs. . . . keep reading
1999: $60,000 in Debt, No Ph.D. in Physics, a Drop-out. 2004: Debt-Free
Bill Corley
A flash of insight made this possible. I hope you have had yours. . . . keep reading
Seven Hints to Getting Out of a $67,000 Debt Burden
You must be maniacal about budgeting. . . . keep reading
How to Pay Off $60,000 in Debt, Starting with $20,000 a Year and Three Kids
R. A. S.
This is the way to structure your life even if you have no debt. Abandon pretensions. . . . keep reading
No Debt, No Mortgage: Four Years
Jim Barry
This is the way to do it if you have no pretensions. Pretensions involve a lot of debt. . . . keep reading
Get a Second Job
Roger Fossum
Somethimes cutting expenses just won’t cut it. . . . keep reading
The Wrong Way to Get Out of Debt
This is a guarantee of misery. It’s like hiding booze from an alcoholic. . . . keep reading
Four Months to Debt Freedom
Barak Strickland
From an $8,000 debt (1987 dollars) to zero debt in four months. . . . keep reading
Keep It Simple, Stupid!
Laurel Peart
If the plan is too complex, you may not follow it. . . . keep reading
Ignoring Good Advice Until the Results Start to Hurt
J. Glatham
This man did not take his father’s advice until the pain was intense. . . . keep reading
Debt-Reduction is a Joint Effort. It Takes Teamwork.
John Geltemeyer
Two of you got into the hole. Two of you must dig your way out. . . . keep reading

Switch Debt on High-Rate Credit Cards to Low-Rate Cards to Pay Off the Debt Faster
Raymond Reiss
Be merciless with your present credit card companies. Make them compete. . . . keep reading


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