Personal Influence Plans

Gary North

Success is not easy to define. But this much is sure: it is something to be shared.

If you are working on your career goals and your family goals, you should be working on your personal influence goals. As you move ahead, you should be sharing your program with others.

This is the case with debt-free living. You should be recruiting new people to the program that delivered you.

Part of your success in getting out of debt will involve setting goals. Show others how to do this. Show them how to review and revise plans.

Who will listen to you? People you know. This means that you must go out of your way to get to know people. Are you doing this today? If not, why not?

What steps must you take to increase your circle of influence? Join a service club? Get involved in church activities? Start a blog?

You must share your strategy of success after you have attained success. But don’t wait until then to start networking. People will see your improvement. It’s like those before and after ads. They work because people can see improvement.

Don’t remain isolated.

You want to get a hearing. Identify target audiences now. Think through this question: “When it comes time for me to show others how to achieve success, who will listen? Why?

I suggest reading Nock’s essay, “Isaiah’s Job.” It is here.


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