These Simple Spreadsheets Let You Plan Ahead. Video Training Is Included.

James DeMar

You need to budget your spending. This is basic: Step #4 in any program of financial liberation.

These simple spreadsheets are easy to use. They are no-frills budgeting tools. Use either of them before you use a full money management program, whether online or on your computer.

If you don’t like these, there are lots of free budgeting tools on the Web. For a list with brief reviews, click here.

The self-discipline of creating a budget lets you see how much you are spending and on what. You will have to cut spending and/or increase income. This is easier to do when you know what part of your budget is discretionary (such as entertainment) and what isn’t (such as the rent or mortgage payment).

Simple Budget Spreadsheet
James DeMar
This is a simple budgeting tool. Be ready to fill in your household budget categories. . . . keep reading

Detailed Budget Spreadsheet
James DeMar
This spreadsheet is the same as the Simple Budget spreadsheet, but with the categories filled in. . . . keep reading


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