Career Plans

Gary North

If you have concrete plans, you will find it easier to reduce your debt. Make these plans concrete.

This will take you at least an hour if you do it correctly. Think through all aspects of your present career.

First, write down where you are today. Consider why your employer keeps you on the payroll. You must be clear about the benefits you sell to your employer. Your goal should be to add to these benefits. Replace one only by something more valuable to your employer. This is called a promotion.

The focus should be two-fold: benefits suppled and responsibilities accepted. You must be able to specify these. If you can’t, you are flying blind.

When you have written a numbered list of benefits/responsibilities, you will be in a position to add to both sides of each existing reference. Again, be specific. What will you provide in five years that you are not providing now? What new responsibilities will each benefit mandate?

Your goal is to provide ever more benefits by accepting ever more responsibilities. How much can you provide?

Focus on output. With respect to input, salary is the main one. How much more should you be paid? Here, you must guess. You don’t know what your competition will be. You are competing against other suppliers of these benefits.

When you have written down a detailed multi-part description of your career in five years, including such things as your own website, YouTube channel, and mailing list, you are ready to outline the steps you must take to reach these goals.

The steps list should probably be annual. At the end of each year, what is plausible? Be specific.

Review your mid-term plans annually — quarterly if you do not set up annual goals.


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