Find a Low-Interest Credit Card

Gary North

You must stop using credit cards if you do not pay off 100% of your monthly statement every month. Use a debit card instead.

If you have debts on one or more credit cards, find out what interest rate you pay. Then find cards that have lower rates. Switch your debts from high-interest cards to a low-interest card. The best deal I know about is the card that lets you transfer your existing balance for 2.5% and then locks in your rate at 2.99% until you pay it off.

How to Get a Lower Rate Interest Card

Here are sites that let you know which other cards are offering good rates to people who switch card companies.

Here is another handy credit card search program. You set the criteria. Then click Go. you miss a payment to anyone, the card company can hike your interest rate. Don’t miss a payment.

Transfer Your Credit Card’s Existing Balance to This Card, and Lock in 2.99% Until It’s Paid Off.
Gary North
This is a true deliverance opportunity. Take advantage of it. . . . keep reading

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