You Have to Start Somewhere. This Will Help You Get Started.

Gary North

Procrastination kills.

You must take steps to get control over your debt addiction. Even if you take just one step today, that’s better than nothing. Tomorrow you will take another. As Alcoholics Anonymous says, “One Day at a Time.”

You can take one step. So, take it.

First, find out your FICO score. This tells you what your credit rating is. You can pay to get this information from the three main credit-rating agencies, but the cheap way is to get an approximation. To find out more, click here. (If you are not an American, find out about other nations’ credit scoring here.)

Ideally, your church has a household debt-reduction program supervised by one or more deacons. You sit down with a deacon who is assigned to work with you. He helps you create a budget. He may have Quicken or Microsoft Money on his computer. You bring in your data, and he enters it. You create a secure password on his computer. This means that only you can access the data. Every week or every month, you go in with new data. He enters it. You work with him to see if you are on track.

I realize that most churches offer no program like this. If they did, their members could and would donate more money.

These articles list lots of steps.

Take This On-Line Test of Your Spending Habits
Gary North
This is where to get started: “Take a rigorous inventory of your spending habits.” . . . keep reading
The Three Word Question That You Must Get Answered Before You Can Achieve Your Goal of Debt Freedom
Gary North
If you fail to ask this, you will probably quit before you have gone very far. . . . keep reading
Breaking the Credit Card Addiction Habit: Watch This Video
Gary North
For addicts, begin here. . . . keep reading
The Recovering Debt Junkie’s Mantra: “Do I Really Need to Buy This?”
Gary North
Ask this question every time you are tempted to buy anything. . . . keep reading
It Takes 30 Consecutive Days to Change a Bad Habit to a Good One. You Have Bad Spending Habits.
Gary North
This is a widely recognized fact of life. Implement it. . . . keep reading
What About Your Credit Card? Is It Time to Cut It Up?
Gary North
You can’t live with it, but you can’t live without it. What now? . . . keep reading
A Clear Guide to Making a Budget
Gary North
You need to start budgeting. You may not know where to begin. Begin here. . . . keep reading
Find Out Your FICO Score
Gary North
Your FICO score reveals how the credit-ratings agencies view your performance as a debtor. The lower the score, the more interest you will pay on loans. You will be turned down by some lenders. . . . keep reading
The Danger With Debit Cards
Gary North
They don’t tell you this when you sign up. . . . keep reading
What You Should Do With a Tax Refund
Gary North
Don’t think twice about this. . . . keep reading
Know Your Your FICO Score Before You Start Trying to Raise It Through Debt-Reduction
Gary North
Your FICO score lets your crediors know how far in the hole you are. You had better know what they know. . . . keep reading
Your Crucial Purchase: A Shopping Notebook
Gary North
Some spending is OK. This is one of them. . . . keep reading
Impulse Spending: You Must Get Control Over This
Gary North
Head off your urge to spend by writing it down. The act of delay will help. It will also let you know where your problems are. . . . keep reading
Before You Buy Something, Write Down Why You Really Have to Own It.
Gary North
These are simple steps. You can take at least three of them. Four would be better. . . . keep reading
How to Break the Credit Card Habit if You Are a True Addict
Gary North
If you cut up your card, no problem. If you cancel it, this could lower your credit rating after you get debt-free. Start with cutting it up. . . . keep reading

Pay Off a Small Debt First
Gary North
You need a victory. Victories add up. . . . keep reading

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Gary North
These are basic steps. At some point, you must adopt them. Why not today? . . . keep reading

Budget Time as Well As Money
Gary North
If you have little money, you must make better use of your time. Here’s how. . . . keep reading


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