What About Your Credit Card? Is It Time to Cut It Up?

Gary North

May 27, 2009

Say that you want to rent a car. You can’t, if you don’t have a credit card. The car rental company wants to know you won’t steal the car.

Your car breaks down on the road. You need to rent a car to get home. You have no credit card. What now? You can’t buy a plane ticket, either.

Our society runs on plastic.

But you are a debt junkie. You can’t quit buying.

That’s what you think!

Of course you can quit buying, as surely as an adulterer can quit. You just don’t have enough incentive.

I suppose that some people do have to cut up their cards as a symbolic act, the same way an adulterer really does have to cut up the secret photograph of his accomplice. But it’s better to just say no.

You can get a debit card. But it won’t help you with a car rental. It may help you with a plane flight . . . if you have enough money in the account.

You should deal with causes, not symptoms. A credit card is a symptom.


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