Detailed Budget Spreadsheet

James DeMar

This spreadsheet lets you see spending categories for a typical household. If you are going into debt each month to maintain such a household, you are in big trouble.

You can add categories or remove them. If you are in debt, it’s time to remove them — from your lifestyle first, then from this spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet will remind you of just how much money it takes to maintain a middle-class lifestyle.

This program is a spreadsheet. It requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. OpenOffice is free. Download it here:

Download this program to your hard disk. Right click the link. Select Save Target As… (Internet Explorer’s command) or Save Link As… (Firefox). Title it so that you will not forget it.

Download it here:

I have prepared a video tutorial on how to use this spreadsheet. To view the tutorial, click here.


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