Breaking the Credit Card Addiction Habit: Watch This Video

Gary North

Some people have become addicted to credit card debt. You must break this habit.

A good place to begin is by watching a PBS documentary on the history of the credit card. Think of this as step one in “know thyself.” You can view it here:

As you watch it, ask yourself: “Does this apply to me? Was I one of the targeted victims?”

The power of this documentary is in providing motivation. You may think to yourself, “I will no longer be a victim. I will change my behavior.”

The banking industry relies on credit cards for its profitability. The spread between what banks pay depositors and what credit card debtors pay banks is enormous. There are few price spreads to match this in a modern economy.

You must cease being a credit user. You can be a credit card user, but not a credit user.

If you cannot yet break the credit habit, use your credit card only for renting a car. You have no choice in this case. In all other purchases, use a debt card if you use plastic.


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