Get Expert Career Advice for Under $1.00 (2009).

Gary North

If you could get personal advice from the #1 expert in your field — or any field that you are interested in entering — would you pay $1?

Most people wouldn’t.

One of the amazing facts of life is this: experts rarely get asked questions. Warren Buffett does, but not most other real experts.

In every field, there are experts who are ignored by the public. They rarely receive a letter from a newcomer who asks a few simple questions. Only their peers ask them questions — people who may be after incredibly valuable insider secrets. They may clam up.

But some guy (you) who is just getting started poses no threat to an expert. You would be amazed at how much information an expert will share with newcomers.

Sit down and start looking for experts in your field. You may already know who some of them are. You want the top 0.8%: 20% of 20% of 20%. Trade journals will usually provide articles on these experts. Make a list. Get their business addresses.

Create a standard form letter that doesn’t look like one. It should introduce yourself as someone just getting started. Ask for these bits of information:

The titles of two or three introductory books. The two best newsletters or websites to consult. The #1 principle of success he has learned.

Tell him that this information is for your personal use only — not for public access.

Tell him he can just jot down the answers if his secretary is busy. Make it easy for him to jot down answers.

Leave enough space in your letter for replies, in case he scribbles his answers.

Include a stamped, self-addressed #10 envelope with your letter.

Mail your letter. Write to the top ten people. You will get eight replies.

What would this information be worth to you? How much time would it save you?


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