Family Plans

Gary North

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

You must begin to set goals. Start with your lifetime goals. Then your mid-term goals on the path to your lifetime goals. Then set your one-year goals.

The three sets of goals are really one plan. But you must work toward your lifetime goals one day at a time.

You want to get out of debt. Good. You need motivation. To get out of sin should be your main one. To start fulfilling your goals is another.

What goals must you fulfill over the next 12 months that will enable you to fulfill 20% of your mid-term goals? This is your challenge.

Think about these areas of your life: debt, tithe, overall finances, career, family, education. How do these fit together in your life today? Haphazardly? You need to think through your goals. Get them organized in terms of your priorities.

Do you want to be out of debt, paying a tithe, and have a savings program one year from today? These are fine goals. Are they realistic? Will it take two years? Three?

Write down your one-year goals. Then write down what you must do to achieve each one. Be specific.

If you must plan month to month, do it. Or quarterly.

Write down the goals and your plan of action on a 5 by 8 note card. File it. Review it regularly. If you are not on schedule, modify the card’s plan of action.


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