Career Plans

Gary North

I assume that you have written down your personal five-year plan for your career. This will help you achieve it.

What goals can you identify that will provide evidence to you and your employer a year from now that you have moved ahead? You want each step in the process to reinforce the five-year plan.

These plans are service/responsibility plans. These are small steps that will move you closer to your mid-term goals.

Is a promotion possible? If not, why not?

Is a step in the stairway to promotion possible? What is it? How can you get authorized to take it? Do you need such authorization?

Does your employer offer training that will help you advance your career? Find out.

Can you increase your circle of influence? How?

Can you increase your level of expertise? How? Are there specific indicators that you have achieved this, for review purposes?

Time budgeting is crucial. You must find time to achieve each step.

Write down every step. Provide success indicators. Then review this four times a year.


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