Transfer Your Credit Card’s Existing Balance to This Card, and Lock in 2.99% Until It’s Paid Off.

Gary North

If you are paying over 8% on your existing credit card balance, this information will save you a lot of money that you do not have to pay.

There is a little-known credit union that will let you roll over your existing credit card balance for 2.99% per year, locked in. That means you will not get hit with higher fees.

Anyone can join this credit union: Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Even if you are not employed by the military, you can join the National Military Family Association. This costs $20 per year. Find out more here.

PenFed lets to pay a locked-in 2.99% on balance fees transferred from your present card. There is a 2.5% transfer fee initially.

Your existing card company may penalize you for doing this. It can drop your credit limit. It can argue that you now have another card. This lower credit limit could lead to a reduction in your credit score.

Find your credit score here:


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