On Fooling Around Rather Than Cutting to the Bone

Gary North

Here is an article on a mother of two, recently divorced, up to her ears in student debt.


She was never taught to budget. But, at her age, she has no excuses. It’s the old blame game. “Someone else did this to me.” You know: “The woman that thou gavest to me, she made me eat the fruit.”

We are personally responsible for our actions. Alcoholics Anonymous begins its 12-step program with a self-inventory and taking personal responsibility.

She has no clue as to what she must do. She should be cutting costs. She should be working a second job in the summer. She should figure out that her teenage sons in Washington could be enrolled in a joint program of high school and community college, where they can graduate at 18 with an A.A. degree.

People don’t know how to handle money. They reach middle age up to their ears in debt.


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