These Articles Can Help You Get Out of Debt

Gary North

I publish personal testimonies. I also create links to articles on the Web that I think are practical. These are real-world articles written by people who have escaped the debt trap.

As you read these articles, jot down any tip that you think will help you get a grip on your spending. These minor adjustments add up, just as overlooking minor bad habits add up.

Try to find one tip per week that you actually deploy. That may not sound like enough tips, but it is if you actually deploy them. Deployment is the hard part.

50 Ways To Improve Your Finances in 2013
Gary North
It’s a New Year. Work on developing new, and positive, money management patterns in your life. . . . keep reading
On Fooling Around Rather Than Cutting to the Bone
Gary North
Don’t diddle around. Start cutting expenses now, ruthlessly. Here is a woman who is just fooling around. . . . keep reading
Five Really Dumb Things Not to Do If You Are Up to Your Eyeballs in Debt
Gary North
These are simple things to do, which is why people do them. . . . keep reading
An Upper-Middle-Class British Couple Learn About Budgeting. Where Does It All Go?
Gary North
Without budgeting, money slips through your fingers. . . . keep reading
Cold Turkey for One Year: A “Won’t Buy Anything Except Food and Make-Up” Family Spending Plan
Gary North
It can be done. This family did it. Not one new item for the parents; only replacement clothes for the growing children. . . . keep reading
You’re Not Alone, Says Survey. Six Out of Ten Workers Live Paycheck to Paycheck
Gary North
“Normal is broke.” — Dave Ramsey. A lot of families are one paycheck from broke. . . . keep reading
Watch Those Bank Fees
Gary North
Bank fees are a major source of bank revenue. Maje sure you don’t make mistakes that will trigger them. . . . keep reading
How the New Credit Card Law Makes It Tougher for You If You Owe Money
Gary North
The new law has backfired. Credit card companies are getting hard-nosed. . . . keep reading
Cutting Bread Costs from $45 to $15 Per Month
J Peters
This is part of a family’s plan to live on $900 a month. . . . keep reading
“Do As I Say, and as I Do!” Parents Rein in Their Spending and Their Children’s Spending
Gary North
“Do as I say, not as I do” has never worked well with teenagers. A few parents are finally catching on. . . . keep reading
Testimonies from Recovered Debt Junkies on How They Escaped
Gary North
It is nice to see a major women’s magazine devote space to this topic. . . . keep reading
Out of Work Family Hit by the Recession Finds Ways to Cut Costs: A Continuing Series on Coping
Harriet Robbins Ost
Things got tight for this family. The wife tells the story of how she and her husband cut costs. . . . keep reading
A 5-Part Series on Deliverance from Debt
Miss M
This lady has been there, done that, and escaped. . . . keep reading
Getting Out of $30,000 of Debt
Gary North
This woman escaped the debt trap. Here are her suggestions. . . . keep reading

The Story of the Frugal Mom: Escaping $100,000 of Debt
Gary North
She now helps others to escape. . . . keep reading


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