Gary North

The Book of Proverbs is by far the most practical book in the Bible. It was designed to be a success manual.

Proverbs defines success far more broadly than economic success. It includes economic as one mark of a successful person. But these proverbs make it clear that economic success apart from biblical wisdom is a snare and a delusion.

The book applies the principles of biblical law to such areas of life as money, work, planning, peace, goal-setting, self-discipline, and other topics. It covers the following in detail:

1. The steps to personal success
2. The standards of personal success
3. Success indicators
4. Failure indicators
5. The function of riches
6. The basis of riches
7. The concept of ownership
8. The nature of economic causation
9. The marks of a biblical economy
10. The purposes of inheritance

To download your free copy, click here:



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